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Poly Kasda, Twixt Cup and Lip, Biennale of Western Balkans 2018

Poly Kasda, Twixt Cup and Lip, BoWB 2018

Poly Kasda, Twixt Cup and Lip, surfing on the WB legendary spaces, Biennale of Western Balkans 2018. https://bowb.org/?p=5990

Short bio
Poly Kasda’s lifetime Project Myth/Network 1990-2018 is a polymorphic reticulation of overview art-installations, spectral space cartographies, linguistic games and agro-techno-psycho-social art generating community projects; a dispersive configuration echoing the archetype of transition underlying our contemporary paradigm shift…
M/N first biodegradable interactive world installation in 300 sites of the world was launched in the Meeting of the Worlds PAND conference, Museum of Modern Art of Joensuu, Finland on the 33-6-1990, composing an ideography of the World Wide Web before its spreading. It was completed with her overview PXK Route 2004-2017 intercontinental installation anchored in 27 international events, with her handprocessed material PXK.
Life Achievement Award Visionary Art Italy 2017 – Best Artwork Award PrimopianolivinGallery Lecce 2017-Honorary Silver Medal Greek Chamber of the Arts 2009- Gold Medal Olympic Fine Arts of Beijing 2008 – Collection certificates of Biennials of Beijing 2005-2008, Biennial of Tashkent 2007, MEADOWS Beirut 2012- Cultural Contribution Silver Medal Award Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu Romania 2007 – Three Golden Medals French Academy of Poets of Alexandria..
With a multi-disciplinary academic background in Arts-Physics-Psychology, she is author of many articles and essays; her documentary The Adventures of the Eye 1986 (dir. M. Gastine, Greek National TV) and her Greek essay The Conscious Eye 1988 were one of the earliest encounters of Art theory, cognitive science and AI.
Kondos-Kasda, Artificial Intelligence Professor John Kondos needles Poly Kasda’s Conscious Eye, NotiosAnemos/ Amazon 2015.

 Legacy: Project Myth/Network 1 is archived in the National Museum of Modern Art.  Code 1595. Emst.gr/gr/collections. Donation Xagoraris 1991.
Her work is documented in the  interdisciplinary conference Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence proceedings 2017  Ionian University of Corfu Greece ART THEORY AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN GREECE: A DOCUMENTATION OF 30 YEARS OF CROSS-DISCIPLINARY RESEARCH WITH DIALOG BETWEEN POLY KASDA AND JOHN KONTOS MarianaZikufile:///C:/Users/HPPROB~1/AppData/Local/Temp/_years_2017_downloads_TTT_proceedings_en_v1-1.pdf

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Poly Kasda doodling her inter-projects' "waiting factor 1985-2018



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Artificial Intelligence and Art Theory in Greece


Art Theory and Artificial Intelligence in Greece

by Mariana Ziku

A documentation of 30 years of cross-disciplinary research with dialog between Poly Kasda and John Kontos.
In this years conference “Taboo, Transgression, Transcendence in Art & Science” (26-28 May 2017, Ionian University, Corfu Greece) I presented an essay in an html format on the intersection of art theory and artificial intelligence in Greece through a case study and a critical approach.
You can browse the html presentation here: http://lekseikones.metartnet.com
The adventures of the eye
Snippet from the film documentary ‘The adventures of the eye’ (Οι περιπέτειες του ματιού) by Poly Kasda, directed by Marc Gastine, TV show Periskopio, Athens, Hellenic Radio Television, 1986
The paper -soon to be included in the conference proceedings- is a follow up of my theoretical research in the cross-disciplinary field of art theory and artificial intelligence.
You can read the abstract below and the full paper in Academia:
Art Theory and Artificial Intelligence in Greece: A documentation of 30 years of cross-disciplinary research with dialog between Poly Kasda and John Kontos
AbstractThe essay aims to bring forward the ongoing collaboration of artist-writer Poly Kasda and professor of artificial intelligence John Kontos, who marked the beginning of the art theory, consciousness and artificial intelligence discourse in Greece in the mid 80’s, based on an original research.
To this end, the essay outlines three projects of Kasda‒Kontos collaboration in the course of 30 years, which explored the intersection of their threefold field of endeavor:
  • The film documentary ‘The Adventures of the Eye’ (1986)
  • Kasda’s book publication ‘The Conscious Eye: Art – Perception – Informatics’ (1988)
  • Kasda–Kontos’ joint book publication ‘Artificial Intelligence Professor John Kontos needles Poly Kasda’s “Conscious Eye”: Perception – Consciousness – Diegesis – Discovery – Creativity’ (2015).
In respect to Kasda–Kontos’ research in process, I will attempt a critical reflection between art theory, consciousness studies and artificial intelligence, stressing in particular the concepts of myth and mythical thought, which Kasda has explored persistently with original contributions through her long-term project Myth/Network (1990-2017).
art theory, artificial intelligence, consciousness, Poly Kasda, John Kontos, introspection, myth

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PolyXene Kasda bio updated


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PXK ROUTE 17: Χιτών Άπειρος/ Chiton Apeiros*

PXK ROUTE 17: Χιτών Άπειρος/ Chiton Apeiros*
 160X220-300cm, glass, isothermic blanket and PXK patches, 2017.
*Polyxene’s sacrificial cloak in Sophocles tragedy. Apeiros can be translated as infinitus, inexpertus, terra continens (Lexicon Sophocleum)

 Here, patches of an isothermal blanket (used by astronauts and castaways) are transformed into infinite, non-experienced continents where the concept of home is dissolved
It consists of 4 partly superimposed glass panels 120X160cm. partially covered with patches of space/castaway blankets and PXK (processed aluminum sheets with powder color and liquid glass).
PXK is my innovative material which stands for the sacrificial skin shed behind after each cultural crucible, while realizing my global fossil installation PXK Route -2004-2015- anchored in different continents (2nd Beijing Biennial 05, FMC Syria 06, 4rth Tashkent Biennial 07, Nuit Blanche Paris 07, Olympic Fine Arts of Beijing 08 (Golden Medal), Flags UNESCO-Beirut 12…) The present installation is part of this planetary work
The overlapping glass panels can be shifted hiding and revealing the ones behind; the density and length of the installation is adaptable to the hosting space. They are lighted in the back from below.

PolyXene Kasda
Her main Project Myth/Network* -1990-2016 is a self-combustive system of interlaced sub-projects emerging from depth psychology and multiplexing in dispersive overview installations anchored in numerous sites of the earth, through the audience creative interaction  (Chrysalis 1990 in 300 sites 27 countries), or  through her participation in big world events (PXK ROUTE 2004-2017 in 25 sites), Affective- cognitive maps merging spectral/ actual  space (1994-1998-), generic language games (Code Lexomorphes 1991-2017), telecommunication  exchanges of legends/landscapes 2007, Agro-psycho-SAGA community projects (Uranias Gardens 2009-2016)
Her intuitive real-life experimentations are processed in her narrative articles and essays like PAI (Seven Sleepers coed Uni.Lucian Blaga editions 1997), When that word swallowed me (Sphinx, Hidden Thebes Festival 2016)..
Her early cross-disciplinary essay The Conscious Eye, Aigokeros, Athens 1988 was re-edited in the English joint essay: Artificial Intelligence Professor John Kontos needles Poly Kasda’s Conscious Eye, Southwind, Amazon 2015.
IAA UNESCO artist, member of EETE Greece, OFAA Finland.  K-DROZ PARIS jury, ed. board Poesia e Conscenza Milan. She graduated in Psychology- Sociology ACG Athens, studied Chemistry-Physics in AUC Cairo and Visual Arts in S. Hermann's workshop, Besancon, Alexandria.

*Project Myth/Network was launched in the Museum of Modern Art Joensuu, PAND conference Meeting of the Worlds, Finland 1990.Project Myth/Network, EMST Greece Artists Archives code 1595. Donation: Xagoraris 1991.