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Polyxene Kasda's dispersive biographic configuration -1990-2016-(draft spreadsheet)

Polyxene Kasda
project-plotter and pattern-setter

Biographic “needle” in the game-changing chunk of time between the first publication of The Conscious Eye in Greek in 1988 and its republication in English in the joint  essay titled Artificial Intelligence Professor John Kontos Needles Poly Kasda's Conscious Eye,Southwind, Athens 2015.

me and the scattered halo of my Project Myth/Network 1990-2015
Launched in the Museum of Modern Art of Joensuu, Meeting of the Worlds, PAND conference, Finland 22-6-1990.
Project Myth/Network -1990-2015- is an “hyper-string” of intertwined sub-projects emerging from depth psychology and multi-plexing in dispersive installations of cosmonautical perspective; time shift traces of my threshold ritualistic performance in the bottom of a lake..

for the past quarter of a century, I have been navigating with Metissian manoeuvres my self-mending vessel Project Myth/Network, winding my way through a legendary space welling up from the rising depths of my unconscious. It was gradually grounded by the then burgeoning internet technologies and sustained by mind-bending theories on dispersive structures, fractal configurations, morphic fields of resonance…that were invading our Greek reality in the early nineties..
Instinctively, then, I had realised a threshold ritual performance on the stone altar emerging from the receding Lake of Mornos in Greece…
 Metaphorically, I was sucked into my counterclockwise reflection, my whole being swallowed inward in myself, in the self-engulfing archetypal fields of Puer Aeternus..”. P. Kasda, When that word swallowed me, Sphinx 2015,  Hidden Thebes, Greece.

Myth/ Network end-of-the-line, self-fueling sub-projects:

Chrysalis -1990-1991-:

when the Atlas was turned into an interactive web and the object spirited away into a vibrational motif which turned into music

Performative threshold ritual on the stone altar emerging from the receding Lake of Mornos, Greece. Creation of an installation of hundreds of mud, sphinx- like sculptures the Chrysalii.

“Hit by drought, the lake was receding, revealing a sunken ancient city laden with Hellenistic mosaics and a crumbling village sheltering the ruins of a colossal stone church clothed in oysters.
The gigantic templo was towering above me like a fossilized theater curtain carved with alcoves, filled with this imposing absence of another duration, reverentially  directing their gaze to the sacrificial stone shining in the center of the stage, daring me to perform my inescapable performance. Instinctively, I started carving with blind searching movements the mud overflowing the altar, as though I was trying to exhume this self-devouring SEM (Something Essential Missing), from its very sacrificial plinth, carving a way out from the labyrinthine grooves of my own fingerprint where I was feeling entrenched”. P. Kasda, When that word swallowed me, Sphinx Festival of Hidden Thebes, 2016.  

The biodegradable installation soon expanded  into a co-creative geocaching global installation in 300 sites, in 27 countries and dissolved in the rain releasing the dynamic relational web diagram of its interactοrs' time-lapse arrows without the use of the internet technologies which were still widely unknown.

Chrysalis installation in the bottom of the Lake of Mornos. ph. Stefanos Samios 1990 
The polycentric interactors' documentation was augmented by a UCT world -on- the- make libation 15-2-1991, in the acoustic structure dictated by the algorithm of the word ΧΡΥΣΑΛΛΙΣ performed by SIDAS musical group dispersed in the crowd.
performance in the bottom of the Lake of Mornos 1990. Ph. Stefanos Samios
Chrysalis installation 2, Chaos Aghia Triada, ph. Samios 1990

“The mud Chrysalii were releasing cultural detonations on their way. The fugitive center of this self-combustive minefield was escaping everywhere. Soon, the bewitching installation was to melt in the rain, leaving behind a dynamic relational web map of interactive arrows echoing contemporary trendy data maps, changing irreversibly the cognitive and affective map of our world”.P. Kasda, when that word swallowed me, Sphinx The Hidden Thebes Festival 2016..

  narrative-articles relevant to the above sub-project:

P. Kasda,The Silenziosi and Project Myth/Network 1990-2005 in Art-Act, Tyflomyga revue, December. 2005.
P. Kasda, Project: Myth/Network 1990-1994: Revival of cosmological Memory in our spacetime redefinition, Tetarti Apostoliki, Pinacotheque of the Municipality of Athens catalog, T.E.E. 1994.
P. Kasda, “Logos”ENOPE Center of Arts and Sciences, booklet 2/11/1992.
P. KasdaSky inside, sky outside, Emvolimon magazine nb.8, Aspra Spitia Boetia, Greece 1990.
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P. Kasda, The Network, Govostis ed. 1991.
Dedication to Polyxene Kasda, Project Myth/Network interview, Tyflomyga, September, Athens 2003.
P. Kasda, Project Myth/Network 1990-1995, TV documentary, production Icona director Makis Faros.
P. Kasda, Chrysalii, a mythological experience, Politistiki ekfrassi/ Cultural Expression journal, interview, Athens 1991.

Archives: Project Myth/Network: emst.gr/gr/collections National Museum of Modern Art archives code 1595.
Donation: Xagoraris

- Code Lexomorphes -1991-2013- 

Geometric cryptographic drawings and sculptures generated by the numerical modeling of Greek words based on the ancient Greek codification of language.

“this is a linguistic mould-breaker with infinite generic potential; everyday words are transformed into rhythmic number-sets meant to renormalize our disrupted rhythm with their ancient examined proportions; a cryptographic code encapsulating in a snapshot the flow of life”. Ibid
lexomorphe Chrysalis, iron and PXK, 2004
Participant in:
The Structuralist exhibition Homage a Stazewski Concept/ Form, Municipal Center of Athens 1991.
The Congress on Greek Language 2009, Old Parliament of Athens, org. Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.
The Uranias Gardens's congress for the International Year of Astronomy 2009, in the Municipal Center of Athens. Code Lexomorphes was proposed for  inter-dimensional communication 

"In fact, it was the Homo Sapiens/ Word- Virus HSWV that was manipulating me to slide out from the safety of my cognitive platform into the abyssal lake of my unconscious.
My whole project seems to be crouched inside the Greek word ΧΡΥΣΑΛΛΙΣ/Chrysalis, natural archetype of ontological mutation/ of culture formation". P. Kasda, Congress on Greek Language, Old Parliament of Athens 2009.

'Sometimes, a Word opens its gargling ‘mouth’ in the midst of our ordinary reality, swallowing us in its resonant belly, in which we shed our skin, peeling and molting according to its image. Thus, language is incarnated over and over again. P. Kasda, Art-Act, Athens, 2OO5.

Lexomorphic Public sculptures:
Lexomorphe ΧΡΥΣΑΛΛΙΣ monumental sculpture hosted the Olympic Flame in Heroon Square, Floisvos, Athens 2004-2010.
A twin ΧΡΥΣΑΛΛΙΣ monument hosted “the Flame of Peace” in a green replica of the Palmanova-ring city of Leucosia,  Lemar junction, North Leucosia, Cyprus 2005-2010.
Lexomorphe ΨYXH, Gergeri park, Crete 2009.

P. Kasda, The Chrysalis Grail in the last divided capital of the world, Odysseus revue, Italy 2007.
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Lexomorphe Dakri /ΔΑΚΡΥ
Koza-Bans Atesi, Lefkosa Turk Belidiyesi 2005,
P. Kasda, “The Chrysalis Grail In Memoriam Vasιile Avram”, Tribuna Sibiu, Romania 11-5-2004].

P. Kasda, Code Lexomorphes; iconic dimension of Greek language. //polyxenekasda.blogspot.com 7.4.11

lexomorphe Medusa/ΜEΔΟΥΣΑ, 2005, Plexi and PXK

Aegean Foundation , Paros island, 1998Gr.
    Epistrophe gallery, Psirri, Athens, 2000

    - Fugue -1996-1998-2005- :

     Polycentric set of Fibonacci monumental structures for repetitive performance ΠAI, left  behind in the Castro di Piovera (Biennale di Poesia di Alessandria, Italy 1996), the University of Lucian Blaga Sibiu Romania 1997 (Silver Medal), Megalopoles ancient theatre, Lykaia Arcadia 1997 (Olympias Golden Medal), the Aegean Foundation, Paros island 1998, the Park of Floisvos Athens 2005..

    I was coursing throughout the world, staging my recurrent performance ΠAI (Child). Its monumental diapason settings were left behind, creating a self-growing polysymphonic ensemble of scattered metallic diapasons echoing the vacancy left behind by the Fugitive Child which ossified symptom was my infant-shaped stone sculture PAI lapis Exilis that was piercing vertically, like a teardrop of dark matter, the superimposed spaces staging my repetitive performances”.P. Kasda, when that word swallowed me, Sphinx,  The Hidden Thebes Festival, 2016

    P. Kasda, Pai, Les Sept Dormants, Letters, coed. University of Lucian Blaga Press 1997
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    Ne scrie poeta Polyxene Kasda,Tribuna Culturale, 23/1. Sibiu, Romania 1998.

    - My Home/ Network -1995-1998- :  

    Neighborhood acoustic-visual installation on the expansive dynamics of intimate territories, interactive acoustic inter-balcony happening
    The odonymic and bioaffective topology of a Neighborhood in the Municipality of Paleon Faleron, Athens.

    P. Kasda, Casa/ Retea, Home/Network, Transilvania 1-2, Sibiu, Romania 1995, translated from French by poet Mircae Ivanescu.

-  Αffective maps, landscape semiotics and language games -1994-1996- 

spectral space transpositions and interference games- entanglement of the affective materiality of each site with our human subjectivity, the haunting presentness of ancient relics  

"I was unleashing in the present the repressed imagery of my deep unconscious, which, to my surprise, I was now recognizing embodied in the vigilant topology of Greece, an ontological riddle that is incessantly defying our mortality under our feet”. Ibid.

 Mythologically augmented enchanted pathmaps  in mythical sites of Greece - graphisms and sets of instructions opening mythical barcodes, regenerating a noetic hyperspace embodied through the participants' consensual engagement.

 Under the auspices of the Municipal Radio of Athens 9,84F.M, the Biennale of Poetry of Alessandria Italy,Τοuchstone poetry group for the XVth European Poetry Festival (Brussels), the European Poetry Network (Belgium)who adopt ed her Maps of the Present as a new form of generative poetic expression.

P. Kasda, Pyrisporos. Art-Mythology-Informatics, Greek interdisciplinary hyper-essay, Aigokeros-Art, Athens 1994.
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Project Myth/Network 1990-2011, european heritage integration in modern perception http:PolyxeneKasda.blogspot.com

- PXK Route -2004 - 2014 -: 

I was now strategically flying here and there, shedding my glittering PXK scales, silvering my pain for a departing world. I was, thus, gradually vacating my titanic fossil PXK installation meant to be looked down from on high, from some cosmonautical spot in the future”. Ibid

Expanding global fossil installation while installing my innovative

"fossilizing” fabric PXK, anchored in more than 25 “big” international cultural events, like: the PXK Chrysalis monument in the Athens Olympics 2004, the XVII Βiennale di Poesia di Alessandria, Italy 2004, the 2nd Biennale of Beijing 2005, the Syria panhellenic festival FMC Damascus, Aleppo Syria 2006, the 4rth Biennale of Tashkent 2007, Nuit Blanche, Anvers-aux-Abesses, Place de l' Europe Paris 2007, the Olympic Fine Arts of Beijing 2008, DESIGN 2012 Municipal Pinacotheque of Athens..

PXK ROUTE represented Greece  in the congress on Olympism of the 3rd Biennale of 
Alogon, 2nd biennale of Beijing collection 2005
Beijing 2008.
It was awarded the Olympic Fine Arts of Beijing Golden Medal 2008.
A PXK mending was the emblem of the XVII Bienale di Poesia di Alessandria, Italy 2004.
PXK ROUTE installation extending from the Beijing Biennale 05 to the Tashkent Biennale, and the Nuit Blanche in Paris07 was sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Culture. 

P. Kasda, Vertical link to the principle of renaissance, Colors and Olympism conference abstract, Third Biennale of Beijing 2008
ΠΚασδά, Χρώματα και Ολυμπισμός, PXK ROUTE, ΕΕΤΕ newspaper, May 2008.
P. Kasda, PXK ROUTE Athens-Tashkent-Paris, ToVima, Eastern Attica newspaper 2008.
P. Kasda, 2nd Biennial of Beijing; The fatal leap from aesthetic vision to ethical action, EETE/ Greek Chamber of the Arts newspaper nb.114. Athens 2005.
P. Kasda, on Mythical Foundation, Union of the Cultural Associations of Evros, E.P.O.F.E Catalog 2010.

Alex and Demi create PXK fabric for  Syria exhibition 2006  

PXK shifting calamity, Athens 1990-2013

- Doodling interludes -1982-2015- : 

magnified notebook perturbations of the probabilistic in-between-projects-space inserted in 13 cultural events in 7 countries, like: Artist's Book, Stedeljke Akademie voor Beeldende Vorming HarelBeke Belgium 2007, 3rd Biennale of Beijing 2008, DESIGN House of Cyprus in Athens 2009, Croisees d'Arts Château Landon France 2009, Celestial Fragments PrimopianoLivinGallery, Lecce, Italy 2010, Flags Solidere Beirut UNESCO-OFAA-MEADOWS Lebanon 2012, Stravinsky concert Sala Sanart Compostella Santiago Spain 2013, Transart Maison Heinrich Heine K-Droz Paris and gallery Schneeberger, Munster Night of Museums, Germany 2014, Digital Arts and Cinema workshop, Sphinx 2015Thebes 2015.

"Doodling Interludes are perturbations of the probabilistic mind elevated, through a process of Hegelian ‘aufheben’, to the status of works of art". P. Kasda {Open FT University, Psychico, Athens, 2008}    

-Miorita Melusina and the Sphinx -2007-:

Poly Kasda-Konstantine Angelou telecommunications Artooth team project on landscapes/ legends exchange between Sibiu, Luxemburg and Thebes, probing “mioritic” space, digital deterritorialization and the critical instability of the culturally uninformed model of hybrid Europe.
Selected by Arscenic French Association for the twin Capitals of Europe 2007-
Interrupted by serious accident.

P. Kasda, Project Miorita, Melusina and the Sphinx of Thebes,  //uraniasgardens 2007

P. Kasda, topologie syncretique europeenne,2014, http://polyxenekasda.blogspot.com
It was partly recycled into the Sphinx 2015 team project under the auspices of the Athens School of Fine Arts and the Greek Ministry of Culture.

- Uranias Gardens -2009-2015-: the botanology of culture

I was now playing and tossing with blocks of culture, setting the pattern of highly participative interactive scripts; SAGA transloci, trans-border applications of my Myth/Network concepts”Ibid

Monitored conceptual spreadsheet and dynamic Pattern-Setting of a set of techno-agro-psychosocial SAGA Myth/Network applications,  in culturally gagged, mythically charged sites of Greece based on a core idea and evolving script layers outpacing the emerging psychosocial play states- 

 Special attention is given to :
- the Phasmatic affective quality of each space 
- the enchanting haunting presentness of ancient relics; their hypnotic omnipresence and affect on our cognitive processes..
- the possible restitution in our consciousness of their diffused stains; their ghost imprints
the affective environment-subjectivity entanglement 
signs providing a psycho-anthropological synesthetic signature of each place

Site benefits:  topological  re-evaluations, mythological spectral and agro- space awareness, cross-cultural interchange, creation of permanent  international polycentric art collections.

*Gargling Sky -2009--

polycentric international art constellation throughout the meteorite showered village Gergeri, Crete. 

Engagement of the local youth, astrophysicists and shepherds.
Site benefits: Permanent international polycentric pinacotheque throughout the village.
org. Municipality of Rouvas, now, Gortys

P. Kasda, The Gergerian Experience, Artooth.gr articles
P. Kasda, Gargling Sky, newspaper of the Greek Chamber of the Arts ΕΕΤΕ, nb.158

P. Kasda, Γάργαρος Ουρανός 2009, http://kasdapolyxene.blogspot.gr. 11/8/2011

AI -2010-: the borderline phenomenon of the Yungian archetype of the Child

trans-border, transloci artworks on Time as a Child /ΠAI playing/ΠΑΙΖΩΝ.
Org. Union of the Cultural Associations of Evros, Alexandroupolis, Samothrace, extended in Bulgaria, Thebes, Patmos, Athens, Salentina..
Site benefits: Permanent international art collection ΠAI in Alexandroupolis-Samothrace.

P. Kasda, PAI 2010 concept,“The eon is a child playing, tossing {dice}; the kingdom is the Child’s” Heraclites. Uraniasgardens 6.10.2010.

*The Samothrace Game -2011-: To be and not to be. This is the question 

Looking for ΠAI, the Fugitive Child that is and is not to be found  in the cabirian space inner/outer space, with the ambiguous guidance of Heraclitus’antinomic Fragments.
 A psycho-physical virtual reality game favoring spectral space superposition, oscillation and intricate states of mind, deep experience of entanglement of man, nature myth, impregnated by the presentness of the Cabirian mysteries.

The landmarks' illustrations were dictated by the residents' legend- freighted, subjective telenarrative providing an affective alternate map of the place..

The clues (hermea) of the open-ended PAI spectral reality game are scattered all over the island of the Cabirs, as for e.g. the time-capsule inserted inside the neolithic Gate of the Sun.
Game set to be continuously modified by on-line/ off-line interactive participations. Org. IDEA local cultural association.

P. Kasda, Concept of the treasure hunt Looking for PAI 2011http://uraniasgardens.blogspot.com 2011
P. Kasda, Map of the hidden treasure PAI 2011in Samothrace. Ibid

P. Kasda, Treasure-hunt cultural game PAI 2011..//polyxenekasda.blogspot.com 9/1/11

Πιθ΄ Ελλέβορον”/Drink Helleborus -2014-:

The Wonderful Power of the Elemental- Agro-cognitive processes 

Challenging interactive Agro-SAGA performances on the seduction of folly and botanology scattered all-over  the town of Antikyra, Boetia, Greece.
Helleborus is a local herb known for its healing of madness properties. Pith'Ellevoron is an ancient Greek saying that means " drink the sedative  potion to stop saying mad things". 
Org. Allotropia popular academy- Primopianogallery Italy- K-Droz Paris, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture.
Site benefits: Permanent art and agro collection in Allotropia museum.

http://uraniasgardens.blogspot.gr/2014/02/a-seed-project-is-sprouting-in-antikyra.htmlhttp://uraniasgardens.blogspot.gr/search014PROJECT Drink Helleborus /"ΠΙΘ' ΕΛΛΕΒΟΡΟΝ!" (pith'elevoron) continuously re-edited
Pith'Elevoron/ Drink Helleborus http://festival.culture.gr/2014/10/

*Tu vas a Tuva? Oui, je vais a Ithaca: 

(spreadsheet project to be or not to be realized)
 A playful contemporary version of Homeric Ithaca, inspired by R. Feynman's Tuva, the utopic space that has inspired poets, artists and writers, throughout the ages, to create epics driven by this SEM Something Essential Missing, as I call this heroic factor that drives us out of our skin and which I consider to be the main element in our human consciousness..

Tu vas a Tuva? http://www.polyxenekasda.blogspot.com 27.12.1

“The open ends of my experiment were now snapping into place: My threshold ritual performance in the bottom of the lake, my persona-dissolution in the collective planetary installation Chrysalis, my cartographies of hidden Greece, the “speaking sculptures” and my Chrysalis/ Grail monument, the PXK Route that unfolded from it unshrouding PAI, all of these temporal frames were different versions of the same principle stretching itself on  an 'hemar'  of 25 years; symptoms of my instant rite of passage performed in the catoptric inside of the world”. Ibid

Cross-cultural, interdisciplinary background:

Poly Casdas, the banquet, 200X250cm. oil on Plexi Athens1978

IAA, UNESCO artist, member of the Greek Chamber of the Arts, of the scientific committee of Poesia e Spritualita magazine Milano, co-editor of Poesia e Conoscenza review Milano, Primopianoatelier Lecce Italy, Who's Who Greece, OFAA Finland, M.O.F.A.A Meadows Beirut  for Golden Medalists artists. K-Droz Paris (member of the jury for international contest with Kinetica museum London).
She graduated from the French institute Besancon, Alexandria Egypt, S. Herman's workshop in Fine Arts, acquired the State Arabic Lyceum. Studied Chemistry-Physics in the A.U.C and Psychology- Sociology B.A. ACG, Athens. She attended seminars in Adlerian Psychology with prof. Rudolf Dreykurs, in Experimental Social Psychology with prof. Ezra Stotland.

As documentary researcher for the Greek National TV, she attended the symposium on Artificial Intelligence and computational technologies for education, AI department, ΜΙΤ Boston 1984.
P. Casdas, Logo and the Cubist state of mind, MIT newsletter 1986.

She edited the visual arts column in Trito Vima audiomagazine of the 3rd Channel of Greek Radiotelevision creating interactive acoustic artworks 1988-1989.
Her early poetry was awarded the Grand Prix International de Poesie by the Cercle International de la Pensee et des Arts Francais and three Golden Medals from the French Academy of Poets in Alexandria. In 1978 she published her first Greek poetry book Zone of Silence, Voyatzis Athens.
 She writes her books and articles in French, English and Greek.

As Poly Casdas her early paintings are in private collections. Her early experimentation include edible sculptures 1978, hand-knitted rooms 1982-1988, pseudo-archeological installations 1989.


1978 The Zone of Silence poetic illustrated book, Voyatzis, Athens 

1988 The Conscious Eye, Perception-Art-Informatics, Greek interdisciplinary essay Aigokeros-Art, Athens 

1994 Pyrisporos, Art-Science-Mythology, Ibid. 

1997 ΠΑΙ bionarrative, written in French, published in 3 languages by The Seven Sleepers Leuvain-coed Uni. Press Lucian Blaga Romania 1997, participated in International Frankfurt Bookfair. PAI was published in Greek  in Greek, by Tyflomyga, Athens 2004

2001 Small ArctosWhat a wonderful time we have in the countryside, handmade Art-poetry book, limited edition Epistrophe gallery.

1981 Code, between prediction and depiction, hand-made illustrated collection of English poems. ACG Athens.

2015 Artificial Intelligence professor John Kontos Needles  Poly Kasda's ConsciousEye, SouthWind, Athens 

2016 When that word swallowed mePuer Aeternus, the Axiom of Maria and the Riddle of the Sphinx, Sphinx The Hidden Thebes Festival,  allegoric biodiegeses written in Greek and in English.

extract from Poly's biocomic 1974

She is Greek from Aigeon and Syros island, born in Egypt- in the cognitive revolution of “the point zero of the present” as defined by radiocarbon calibration,in the beginning of nuclear tests and the changes in the measurement of time with the first computers - in multicultural Alexandria, a shifting Hellenistic home grafted with the element of deconstruction, reconstructed in the planetary dimension of her work.

lives in Athens. She works everywhere.

They wrote:

"Under-determination is transcribed in the work of Poly Kasda as scattered traces of language, objects, performances, gatherings, as well as other manifestations like TV shows, buildings and new media, which may reveal or conceal the true meaning, the core of her objectives. A core attracting into its orbit scientific theories of computational and cognitive science along with the philosophical and applied concepts of experience".
Mariana Zikou, art historian, Stoa toy Vivliou, 2/6/2016 Athens

"Project Myth/Network is a state which is configured as much by the artist as by the participants in her growing interactive web. It is an open system that evolves on many ontological levels”.
Elzbieta Koscielak, ΑICA art critic,Myth/Network: The vision of an open system in Art, The Network, Govostis, Athens 3/2/1991.

It is a personal multi-trend path of the contemporary artist extending towards the depths of centuries and towards the unknown future of humanity in this crucial time of transition”.
Elzbieta Koscielak, AICA, Myth/Network, La Mia Casa, Athens 5-6/1991.

Her visionary landscape work springs from the psychology of the unconscious.. myth is reconstructed as present in the sites where it was born bringing back the drastic hypostasis of Greek language. We could define her work as Space Semiotics...
Through collective synergy sustained by pure subjectivity, her itineraries- maps enriched with graphisms- are transformed into an embodiment experience for the participants, tending to be reduced into abstraction, through logical elaboration and writing.
To seek to enter in this dimension seems at first sight difficult, but, once you accept to make the effort, doors will open to unsuspected dimensions”.
Donatella Bisutti, poet, writer, editor, Polyxene Kasda Myth/Network”, La Clessidra 1/1995, Joker, Italy

She belongs to an ancient and ever actual existential forefront, as, by analogy, the Pythagorean and Orphic mysteries would seem advanced today. The ancient mystery with its three folds- τα δεικνύμενα (the things shown), τα λεγόμενα (the things said) και τα δρώμενα (the things done) – is the type and form of creation that inspires and expresses Polyxene Kasda”.
Victor Ivanovici, writer, essayist, literary critic, recommendation for IAS, Athens 2005.

"At each and every point of her art, Kasda re-casts and re-interprets mythological and philosophical concepts bringing them back to life transfigured in aesthetic form of the highest quality".
Dr. Yael Navaro-Yashin 2010, anthropologist, essayist, senior university Lecturer, recommendation for EN, Cambridge 2010.

By revisiting myth, Polyxene reconstructs history itself. Crucial timer artist with creative genius.. her project is a precious “doc” important for future generations".
Dores Sacquegna, art-curator, art gallery director, recommendation for EN, Italy 2010.

We can speak of an authentic outpour of mythical knowledge. Her artistic act transforms space into a holy site. Her (transloci) sculptural installations are left behind after her performances creating a planetary network; a way of rethinking and restituting the rapport of the human being to the cosmos”.
Eugene Van Itterbeek, writer, poet, literary critic, Avant-propos PAI, Cahiers Europeens de Poesien.159-collection Les Sept Dormants n51997

She captures myth in its original state.
Vasiile Avram, anthropologist, writer, Kasda's monumental installation in Lucian Blaga University, Tribuna Culturala, Sibiu 16/5/1997 .

In her projects original and unpredictable social “language games” are set up and left to evolve creating a multitude of narratives”.
Dr. John Kontos, prof. of A.I, “A.I. needling The Conscious Eye, Notios Anemos 2015.

"In her essay The Conscious Eye she describes the consistent path of art, through the changes of the inward visual processes, before its breaking up into a chaotic process of many trends and structures that define our times.
I wonder whether we should catch the line from this point on; the path through the concepts, the analysis of language and the contemporary mechanisms of its processing and the esoteric vision which her book The Conscious Eye projects as the record of an adventure”.
 Dr. Manthos Santorinaios,  Athens School of Fine Arts  Professor, 2/6 Stoa tou Vivliou  Athens  

" she manages with a pre-scientific  way’ Paracelsus, Leonardo’s , the witch-doctor’s and Huomo Universalis’ to connect the tangible with the intangible and to  manifest in front of our eyes invisible dynamic lines that lend to our world a little more meaning"

Dr. Yannis Almyrandis, Democritus  institute of bioscience and applications EKEFE,, Over-determination in poly kasda’s work, 2/6 stoa tou vivliou Athens  

"..intriguing artistic text… I take it as the other side of the mind from which the Conscious Eye emerged; a structured epistemological discourse that surfaced through that same impressive imaginary which reveals itself consistently over the artistic course of a lifetime. It is great it revealed itself once more in the form of this text.
Thoughts that are hard to embed as language, thoughts and images that reside submerged within us, that we ourselves do not know what they mean, what needs they meet and in which unknown territories they game us to.
Perhaps this narrative is a call to see, to reify the uncharted, terrible and unrecognizable dimensions of our human and non-human(?) imaginary.
The Conscious Eye continues its search and investigation in the most elusive, controversial, intra-real dimensions of its existence". 

Mariana Zikou, Art-historian, introduction to P.Kasda's allegorical narrative "when that word swallowed me". 

elle ecrit que sa maison ouvre sa face vers la mer - tout pres des lieux d'ou partaient
les processions des torches pour eleusis - donc, le soir, quelquefois, elle renversait tout d'un coup,
le temps ......
Il existe certaines verites, si proches de notre pensee qu'il suffit que l'on ouvre ses yeux pour les voir-?
et sinon - ce serait seulement une plage et les pas se perdant dans le sable“.
Mircae Ivanescu, Mihae Eminescu awarded poet of Romania, hypothetical voyage to polyxenia in an immobile train”, 10 pages long intreractive poem to her article Casa/ Retea, Transilvania 1-2, Sibiu, Romania 1995, XVIIth Sibiu Poetry Festival 18-22/10-1995.

She wrote essays and articles (1990-2014 selections):

Pyrisporos. Art-Mythology-Informatics, Greek interdisciplinary essay, Aigokeros-Art, Athens 1994.
ΠAI Si Tu Si Eu, poetic essay written in French, translated in Romanian by Mircae Ivanescu and in Flemish by Eugene Van Itterbeek, Seven Sleepers Coed. University Press Lucian Blaga 1997, participated in the Frankfurt International Book Fair.
ΠAI, poetic essay, Tyflomyga, Athens 2003..
Myth/Network 4, ΛΟΓΟΣ, ENOPE Center for the sciences and the arts, Athens 2.11.1992.
Sky outside, sky inside, Emvolimon review, Aspra Spitia, Boetia, Greece 1990.
Dispersion and Interaction, ARTI, Athens 9-10/91.
Chrysalii, a mythical experience, interview to M. Papadimitriou, Politistiki Ekfrassi, Athens1991.
Project:Myth/Network 1990-1994: Revival of cosmological Memory in our spacetime redefinition, Tetarti Apostoliki, Pinacotheque of the Municipality of Athens catalog, T.E.E. June 1994.
Polyxene Kasda, Myth/Network, TV documentary directed by Makis Faros, Studio Eikona 1995.
Polyxene Kasda, interview, Tyflomyga review, Athens 2003.
Code Lexomorphes, Poesia e Spiritualita review, Milan, Ιtaly 2007.
Chrysalis/Grail Verita e Dubbio 2004, XVII Bienale di Poesia di Alessandria, Joker 2004.
The Chrysalis Grail in the last divided capital of the world, Odysseus revue, Italy 2007.
Il Bambino, Poesia e Spiritualita review, Milan 2009.

L'Altro, l 'altrove e il mistero della centesima porta, IX Biennale di Poesia di Alessandria, Joker 1998.
Casa/ Retea, Transilvania 1-2, Sibiu, Romania 1995, translated from French by poet Mircae Ivanescu.
Taurokathapsia, interactive map of Crete,Touchstone Coed. Seven Sleepers 1994.
Μyth/ Network 5, ARTI,1995.
Mein poezie is een reis in de geegtelidjke textuur vaan het land, Europees Poeziecentrum “De Zevenslapers” 3000 Letters X, Leuvain1994.
Myth/ Network 5: The Gate of Fire, Euphorion Transilvania, VI, n. 55.56.57. Sibiu, Romania,1995.
Myth/ Network 6: Arkteia, on the threshold of time, Tradition et Modernite, Les Sept Dormants n4 coed. Uni. Lucian Blaga press1996.
Progetto Myth/ Network 1-5, La Clessidra n.1, Joker, Italy 1995.
The Power of the Small,translated by M. Ivanescu, La Tribuna de Sibiu1995.
Progetto Myth/Network 6 :Sulla soglia del tempo, La Clessidra n2/1995.
Indicibili e Ineffabile”,VIII Bienale di Poesia di Alessandria, Millenium writers, Joker, Italy 1996.
Cer si pamant, Transilvania 1-2-3, Cultura Nationala, Romania 1996.
Ciel et Terre Toi e moi, “Poesia, Mito, Utopia”, VIII Biennale di Poesia di Alessandria, Joker, Italy 1996.
The Landscape of my Soul XIV Biennale di Poesia di Alessandria, Poeti e Paesaggi, Joker, Italy 2008.
The fatal leap from aesthetic vision to ethical action, Journal of the Greek Chamber of the Arts n. 114, Athens 2005.
Vertical link to the principle of renaissance, “Colors and Olympism” Third Biennale of Beijing conference abstract 2008.
Gargling Sky, ΕΕΤΕ Greek Chamber of Fine Arts journal nb.158, Athens 2009.
The Samothrace Game, IDEA 2011.
The Gergerian Experience 2009, Artooth.gr articles
PAI 2010-2011, Artooth.gr articles
The Underworld Star and the Eagle 2006, Artooth.gr articles
Tzoutzouka Sagapo 2006, Artooth.gr articles.
Miorita, Melusina and the Sphinx of Thebes 2007, Artooth.gr articles
Pith'Elevoron/ Drink Helleborus http://festival.culture.gr/2014/10/
interdisciplinary articles on innovative systems in education:
2013 John Kontos, Polyxene Kasda Text Mining and Image Anomaly Explanation with Machine Consciousness, ACSIJ Advances in Computer Science. Vol.2 n6 Nov.13
1987 Children teach computers, article in Vradini newspaper, Athens 15/3/87.
1985 Logo and the Cubist State of Mind, MIT newsletter.

Place de l Europe Paris 2007

extra CV information:

Conferences and symposiums, poetry festivals, lectures and narrative:
Sibiu Poetry Festival 1996

2016 When that word swallowed me, narrative evening in artistic installation, The Hidden Thebes Festival 26/6 Auspices Greek Ministry of Culture.
2016 Artificial Intelligence Professor John Kondos Needles Poly Kasda’s  Conscious Eye.. presentation with Dr. Harry Meletis, Dr. Manthos Santorinaios, Dr. Peter Gelepidis, Dr. Yannis Almyrandis, Art historian Mariana Zikou, Stoa tou Vivliou, Athens 2/6.
2015 Sphinx 2015, The Hidden Thebes Festival Press Conference. Polytechnic School of Athens (Pattern-setter, general co-curator).
2014 Miorita, Melusina and the Sphinx of Thebes, Launching the Hidden Thebes Festival Sphinx 2015. Lab of digital Arts and cinema Thebes (co-curator-presenter).
2010 PAI 2010-2011 Speech: The PAI Element. Primopiano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy.
Transyvania literary itinerary 1996
Cyprus PAND Conference1988
2010 PAI 2010-2011 Intervention: The Crucial-Time game-changerThebes Conference Center. Org. Independent Citizens Network.
2009 Congress on Greek Language 2009. Intervention: Language, the Virus of Man. Old Parliament of Athens, org. Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.
2009 Uranias' Gardens, International Year of Astronomy conference 2009. Intervention: Lexomorphes, an interdimensional communication code? Municipal Center of Athens. (Participant, curator, jury and organizer).
2009 Gargling Sky Symposium on Astronomy, Municipality of Rouvas, Gergeri, Crete. (Curator, jury, co-organizer).
2008 Colours and Olympism, Third Biennial of Beijing Symposium. She represented Greece with PXK ROUTE.
2008 Poetic landscapes, Biennale di Poesia di Alessandria, Italy.
2008 Project Myth/Network implications, Open Freetime University Paleon Psychiko, Athens
2008 Culture and Digital Society, F.T. University, Cultural Municipal Center, Neo Psychiko, Athens. 
2007 Digital Era-New Technologies, Art-Act, 15/10/07, Athens.
2005 Lecture: Myth/Network project, Art- Act, 2/12/05, Athens.
2004 Verita e Dubbio, Biennale di Poesia di Alessandria, Italy. Intervention: Words; Extraordinary Attractors.

2002  All-night poetry, Kalamiotou10, Greek Ministry of Culture, Athens.
1999  Panhellenic Metaphysical Research Society, Intervention: Art; experienced Metaphysics. Royal Olympic hotel, Athens
1998  L’ Altro e L’Altrove, Intervention:The Mystery of the 100th Door, Bienale di Poesia di Alessandria, Italy.
1997 XVIII Festival of European Poetry Poets of Southeastern Europe, Centre of Cultural Dialogue Constantin Noica, Alsos Cafe Parastasi, Athens (Participant-co-curator).
1997 Third Symposium on Emil Cioran. Lecture: Ecstasy and Intellectuality, University of Lucian Blaga, Sibiu, Romania
1997 Literary/Artistic itinerary in northern Romania with Vassile Avraam and Eugene Van Itterbeek, presentation of her poetic French essay Pai and of her engravings "Icônes sur film d'Aluminium", I. L.Caragiale Libraria, Sebez, Timisouara, amphitheatre Emil Racovita University, Festival of Lucian Blaga.
1996 XVII Poetry Festival in Sibiu, Romania, Réseau Européen pour la Promotion de la Poésie (European Association for the Promotion of Poetry), Symbols as Dispersive Structures, Sibiu, Romania.
1996 Eros- Agape-Filia, Samothrace International Symposium in Palaiopolis, organized by her cultural association To Moli, The Reseau International pour la Promotion de la Poesie, the Center of Cultural Dialogue Constantin Noica. Intervention: Mystery, a black hole in the center of our Space –Time Metaphor.
 1996 Biennale di Poesia di Alessandria, Performance and Intervention: Myth /Network, Italy.
1996 International Poetry and Arts Network workshop,Castello di Piovera, Alessandria, Italy.
 1995 Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania, Musical / poetic event Chrysalis with cellist Nichifore Serban
1995 Tradition et Modernite, XVI Poetry Festival, Leuvenstein Art Centre, Louvain, Belgium, Réseau Européen pour la Promotion de la Poésie.  Intervention: Chasing Ursus, Mapping Consciousness in Space. She proposes L'Objet-qui m'a trouvé vrs Duchamp's Objet-trouvé.
Timisuara Romania 1998
1994 XV Poetry Festival in Crete, Réseau Européen pour la Promotion de la Poésie, European Association for the Promotion of Poetry, lecture: Mythology, an anti-historical approach to symbols. Touchstone, for the XV poetry festival Brussels
1994  Fourth Apostolic Letter. Intervention: Myth/Network 1990-1994. Municipal Gallery of Athens
1991 Logos, Lecture in ENOPE Center of the Arts and the Sciences, Kolonaki Athens.
1991 Project Myth/Network, Press conference in the Municipal Center of Athens
1991 Meeting of the Worlds, Joensu, Finland, International Art Festival, Museum of Modern Art of Joensuu:  Intervention/performance: Myth/Network, followed by the launching of her global, interactive, geocaching installation Chrysalis.
1987 National Technical University conference on Informatics in Education. Intervention: Information Technology and the Cubist State of Mind, Polytechnic University Athens, org. Greek Computer Society.
1986 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), International Conference on Informatics and Education, Boston, U.S.A. as Documentary researcher for the Greek National T.V.
1991 Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament conference, Finland.
1989 Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament conference, Vienna.
1987 Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament conference, Cyprus.
1980 European Cultural Identity conferences, translator for the Hellenic Centre of the International Society of Literature Critics, Paris (1980) and Madrid (1981)

Early experimentations and early exhibitions as Poly Casdas:
1988-1989 Interactive acoustic artworks, Trito Vima audiomagazine, 3rd Channel Greek Radiotelevision.
1989 The King’s Room, pseudo-archeological room-size living installation, Artist at Home, Municipality of Paleon Faleron, Athens.
1988 Cyclops circuit, The House of Cyprus, Embassy of Cyprus, Athens.(Painted Parcours).
1988 Knitting Room installation, EVMAROS Gallery, Athens
1985 Room-size Cocoon-hand- knit installation, Artist at Home.
1985 Painting exhibition, EPIPEDA Gallery, Athens
The King's Room, Athens 1988
1985 Set and costumes for M. Limberaki's Danaids, University of Athens
1983 Art Bionics Fitness, 60 meters field painting, redefining empty field space in the Municipality of Paleon Faleron, Athens.
1982 Pixel Doodling, snapshots of the future, ACG Athens.
1980 The Banquet, KAPA Gallery, Athens.(paintings).
1979 The SOS Syndrome, Grand Hotel, Rhodes island, Greece. (paintings)

1978 Edible Woman, 2m. long sculpture made of cheese, artist's studio, Stratiotikou Syndesmou 2, Dexameni, Kolonaki, Athens.
1977 Hats, Barbarossa Gallery, Athens (paintings).
1976 and Theseus was knitting socks, Installation, Barbarossa Medieval Castle Gallery, Rethymnon, Crete.
1974 Internal Landscapes, Armodiou 10, European Union Center, (now Art-Tower Gallery), Athens.
1973 Windmills of my mindAmerican College of Athens (paintings).
1970 The Looking Glass Self American College of Athens.(mixed media).
1968 American University in Cairo, Egypt (paintings, First prize).

Collections, Museums, Galleries:

Project Myth/Network, EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece, Artists’Archives, code 1592. Donation: - Xagoraris 1991.

-UNESCO-MEADOWS Beirut, Golden Medalists artists' collection, Lebanon 2012
-National Collection of the Biennial of Tashkent 2007.
-International Poetry and Arts Network collection, Bienales di Poesia di Alejandra, Italia 2004-06-08
-National Collection of the consecutive Biennials of Beijing 2005-2008

-Olympic Fine Arts Golden Medal Collection, Beijing, 2008.
-PrimoPianoLivinGallery, Lecce, Italy.
- Gargling Sky 2009, municipal international collection, Gergeri, Crete. 2009
-PAI 2010, international Art collection, Union of Cultural Associations of Evros (EPOFE), Alexandroupolis, Greece.
-Private Collections

Collaborator -Member of:
The Hidden Thebes Festival, Greece (general curator, member of the jury).
Poesia e Spritualita review Milan (scientific collaborator)
Poesia et Conoscenza review Milan (editor for Greece).
Who is Who Greece
EETE, Chamber of the artists of Greeces

OFAA Finland association for Golden Medalist
MOFAA-MEADOWS Beirut  for Golden Medalist artists.
IAA , International Artists Association UNESCO
Olympia Fine Arts Golden Medalists Artists' Association, OFAA Finland.
PrimoPianoatelier, Lecce, Italy. (Artist-scientific collaborator).
Artooth.org, Independent Artists Network, Athens (member of the jury for international contests).
International Poetry and Arts Network, Alessandria Italy (member of jury and curator of the Greek participation)
Honorary member  of K-Droz French artistic association in Paris (member of the jury for international contest on kinetic art with Kinetica museum London).
Honorary member of Olympias Greece
Center of Cultural Dialogue East-West Constantine Noica, Romania.
Réseau Européen pour la Promotion de la Poésie, Belgium.
PAND Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament, Harry Bellafonte.
Hellenic Centre of the International Society of Literature Critics, translator.

The French Academy of Poets, Alexandria 1964.

Public art:
2009 Psyche, 'speaking sculpture', Municipality of Rouvas, Gergeri park, Crete.

Monument to the Ursus Minor, 2001, Floisvos Park, Athens.

2005 Monument to Ursus Minor, Park of Flisvos, Athens. In 2012 its copper dress was ripped and stolen.
2005 Chrysalis, 'speaking sculpture', hosting the Flame of Peace, Lemar junction, occupied North Nicosia Cyprus. In 2010 it was moved to unexamined place and replaced by a 10m. tall Military Rider's monument.
2004 Chrysalis, Olympic 'speaking sculpture, Floisvos Park, Palaion Faleron, Athens (hosting the Olympic Flame). In 2010, it was clumsily moved to the Park of Floisvos and was replaced by a 10m. tall  Military Rider's monument. In 2012 it was destroyed by extreme weather conditions.
1998 Fountain of the Aegean, Aegean Foundation, Paros island.
1997 The Gate of Love, Monument to Evgenia Derechani, Fountain Crabova, Lykaion Mountain. Municipality of Ano Karyes, Arcadia.
1997 Monument to Emil Cioran, entrance hall of the University of Lucian Blaga, Sibiu, Romania

Awards – Distinctions:

2012 Honorary event in the British Embassy of Beirut for golden medalists artists UNESCO Beirut, OFAA Association.
2009 Honorary Silver Medal from the Chamber of Visual Arts of Greece for her participation in the congress on Greek language, Old Parliament of Athens.
2008 Golden Medal and Olympic Torch, Olympic Fine Arts, Beijing, China.
2008 Honorary evening and award for her cultural contribution, Municipality of Paleon Faleron Athens.
2005 Silver Medal and honorary diploma for her literary artistic contribution,  Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania.
2004 Lykaia Arkadia and Olympias association Golden Medals.
1997 Blazon of the City of Sibiu by the Mayor of Sibiu for her Monument to Emile Cioran at the entrance of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania.
1964 Three Golden Medals, French Academy of Poets, Alexandria, Egypt.
1964 First international Poetry Award by the Société Internationale des Lettres et des Arts, Paris

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